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Friday, December 31, 2004

don't know what to say

it breaks my heart to hear, see, and read all these stories about the southeast tsunami disaster. and to think that we have to end 2004 with this. then i read another flash flood in the Philippines. what is happening?

it's my 5th day being alone. while watching the cnn news, i simply couldn't control myself and break down with all those mass graves that they're doing. with all those unselfish volunteer acts and donations coming left and right from different parts of the world while another war and bombings continue in another side of the world. are these part of what was written in the Book of Revelations? it indeed makes me shiver. we really do not know when it will happen to us. and when that happens, do you think you are ready to face death? moreso, the Lord?

the weather is nice outside. and my friend sybells told me she's picking me up anytime to celebrate new year's eve with them. it's a bit in contrast to what is happening in the southeast.

i won't say anymore happy new year. instead, may everyone have a better new year ahead of us. ill see you when i see you.


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