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Thursday, March 16, 2006

somethin's cookin'

im now looking at the bright side of my plight with my present job. in between those tight deadline and ala-mt everest workloads, im starting to bid goodbye to my clients whom i have been good friends with. i can see in their eyes how sorry they are to see me go, but in a brighter side of it, somethin's startin' to get cookin'. and it wasn't my idea after all. it just popped out. as they say, this is new zealand. survival is the word. for some, they call it law of relativity.

some have offered to help me find a new full time job so i need to work on my cv. im excited. many thanks also to our kababayan here in nz who was able to read my blog of losing my job and he had offered me help too. isn't God really, really so good to me? a total turn around after those nights of crying. and you can see me smiling now.


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