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Saturday, January 05, 2008


I can't believe it! I don't understand how punishment for crimes committed in NZ is enforced. I've read a lot of crimes like murder, robbery with murder, manslaughter, rape and what else you can imagine. In my country, rape is punishable before by lethal injection but I heard it is now by life sentence. But in NZ, either the offender gets only 6 to 12years imprisonment. In cases of murder or manslaughter, the offenders only get a certain number of years in prison way too far from a life sentence.

Now, when one is found guilty of a crime, you're supposed to be punished, right? How? You'll receive a free board and lodging in a place called prison. And when you call prison, what do you imagine? A small cramped place, no ventilation, crowded (I'm talking about prison cell in my country), yucky food cooked in unimaginable crockeries. You're supposed to be punished and paying for the crime that you committed.

I remember when I was still in Manila, there was this government official who was sent to prison. He "donated" televisions, electric fans and whatever luxuries they can have in the prison's lounge room. duh!

Now, what would you feel, being a taxpayer, the ministry of corrections spending for 32 LCD TVs, 8 playstations and 58 games all for a total of $45,000?

All I can is.... wow!

I wouldn't want to think that the reason for the recent increase in crimes in NZ is all because of these luxury living. You get free board and lodging complete with amenities! Well.. the only consolation is, after about a year, they withdrew the playstations and games from the corrections. But still, money had already been spent on those. ha!


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